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R.P. TRADING is a trading company located in Casale sul Sile near Venice.
The Company was officially founded in 1996 as commercial branch of the pharmaceutical company GRB srl and is specialized mainly in the supply of chemical products and intermediates for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
The company, with its R.P. Chem Industries branch, is also dealing with the paracyclophan dimer N & C, mainly sold to different coating houses all around the world.
Its managerial staff boasts a nearly fourty-year experience in the field of research, but above all in the industrial preparation of products for the pharmaceutical industry.
A branch of the company - named R.P. TRADING RUBBER DIVISION - is also dealing with rubber sheets, hoses and couplings both for the engineering and sale of products.
We recently bought the Company SAFEM RACCORDI SRL (formerly belonging to multinational Arcelor – Arbed) in order to enlarge and complete our offer in couplings covering the all range both in the industrial and sanitary couplings available in different materials such as SS, CS, MS, PE, PVC, BRASS & GUN-METAL.

Moreover, the company, with its latest R.P. Chem Labware Division, is also dealing with the labware consumer items and various scientific instruments.
Our distribution strategy aims to SUPPORT our customers HAVING zero inventory, a key factor in today's business environment. Since we expect that this help is important for all our customers, we offer just-in-time service, with quick response and delivery time. The distribution network (3 agents covering principally North Eastern part of Italy) is enabling the reduction of our customers' inventory level pratically to zero.
Our strengths are our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs, excellent quality standards, and good follow-up service. Our reputation as a reliable and efficient distributor is based on these strengths. Our efficient logistics team supports our ability to provide excellent service and meet delivery schedules promptly.

Fine Chemicals (INDIA) is our overseas partner and represented company in Europe for chlorosulphonamide products and other intermediates.

In Taizhou (CHINA), we have an operative office and are working under secrecy agreement for toll manufacturing and production of particular intermediates in order to satisfy any kind of demand arising from our Customers.

R.P. TRADING is also strictly cooperating with different producers based in Italy, Spain and France.

The company is currently working to obtain within the end of 2006 the ISO 9000:2000 Certification.


1. Pharmaceutical API’s and Intermediates
2. Fine chemicals
3. Raw materials
4. Raw materials for human and animal nutrition
5. Labware Division
6. Industrial and hydraulic Rubber hoses, PVC hose and couplings


1. Process development
2. Scale-up (lab and plant)
3. DMF preparation


1. Europe (mainly Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland)
2. Far-East (China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore)
3. Africa (Marocco, Tunisia, South-Africa)